Pinnacle Canyon Academy Becomes One of Three iSchools in Utah


By Joseph Terrell, Pinnacle Canyon Academy Journalism Student

Students at Pinnacle Canyon Academy have the privilege to attend one of three iSchools in Utah.

What does it mean to be an iSchool? It means that the school is going almost paperless and letting technology take control. Steps that Pinnacle has taken to make students iStudents is giving each individual student an iPad, then putting an Apple TV in every classroom.

“Teachers love them, little kids especially love them,” master tech guy Eric Cloward said. Pinnacle wants education first and everything else second. The teachers want to see their students succeed and the Apple company feels the same way.

“As soon as students from other schools found out that we give each student their very own iPad, they want to go to Pinnacle,” math teacher Mindy Bradbury said. Making Pinnacle an iSchool brought a new step to giving students a better education. Technology is evolving so why not use it for something as important as education?

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