Pinnacle Canyon Academy Outlines 2020 Guidelines and Procedures


Pinnacle Canyon Academy (PCA) recently released a letter to parents and guardians pertaining to the opening of school in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The school acknowledged that many parents are choosing to keep their children at home and have them receive their schooling remotely. PCA stated that this decision will be supported and delivered by the school.

Following that statement, the school requested that students that will be returning for the full school year be taught how to wear their masks now in their home settings. It was remarked that the first time that they attend school should not be the first time that they wear a mask.

Registration for the new school year is slated for Aug. 4 and 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the high school parking lot. Those that wish also have the opportunity to register online, which is encouraged. The online registration may be accessed by visiting here and clicking the “register online” link. Additionally, the free and reduced school lunch applications may be accessed here.

Pinnacle school administration authored the re-open plan for the school for Monday, Aug. 17 and submitted the plan to the state as requested by the governor. This plan supports PCA’s two main goals, which are to ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff as well as keeping the school open for as long as possible to prevent another soft closure with only remote learning.

Instructions such as all that enters the school’s campus or rides the school bus must wear a mask at all times and all that enters the campus will have their temperature taken daily were outlined. It was also stated that measures have been taken to keep the school buses as safe as possible and an aide will be on each bus to enforce social distancing guidelines.

Hand washing was stated as a priority for each day and instructions for how to properly wash will be given. Students, staff and teachers will be sent home if they have a fever and parents and guardians are instructed to follow a symptom monitoring checklist for each student. Furthermore, lunch will be eaten in classrooms, outside recess will look different for elementary and more.

The full guidelines and procedures for this school year at Pinnacle Canyon Academy have been shared to its Facebook page and may be accessed here.

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