Pinnacle Canyon Academy Panthers Walk the Graduation Line


The commencement ceremony for the 2016 graduates of Pinnacle Canyon Academy was hosted at the Price Civic Auditorium on May 19.

Graduate and high honors achiever Tristan Alcon opened the ceremony by speaking a few words about graduation and his fellow seniors.

“Let’s cherish this moment, because our future is just ahead to make many more,” he said.

The keynote speaker for the ceremony was former teacher Mindy Branson, who taught at the school for five years before moving last year. She stated that she was honored to be asked to speak and was stated, by many students, to be their favorite teacher. Branson informed the crowd that she left a little piece of her heart at the school when she left.

Students who also spoke at the ceremony were Misty Bingham, Kaysha Miller, Katherine Stoddard and Quakee Pendray.

“Graduates, remember: we didn’t come this far to only come this far,” said Pendray, a graduating junior student.


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