Pinnacle Canyon Academy Students Thank ETV 10 News for Studio Tour


The seventh grade CTE class from Pinnacle Canyon would like to thank ETV 10 for the wonderful experience at your headquarters. Since our school is a technology school, we were able to learn about different technologies at your business and how it works. Learning about the technology that you use excessively helped us due to the fact that we are a technology school. We were able to learn how to create the live broadcasts for sporting events and graduations. Also, we learned how you format and create the local newspaper.

Micah Iverson was capable of revealing his recordings, and how he creates the footage for local events such as graduations and sporting events. He taught us the “cool beans” of the green screen and showed us a tutorial of how it works with the Tri-Caster system, which can make special effects on the green screen. It’s an unpredictable career as a reporter due to the fact that you can never predict when you get called to an event, even at 3:00 in the morning! It’s stressful being a reporter at the beginning, but in the end, it is incredibly rewarding and satisfactory.

While we were there, we asked questions about the formatting and setup of the local paper. After several questions, we went into the recording room where Micah works. He was able to tell us about how local news works, whereas Shannon taught us the design of the newspaper. We would really appreciate the opportunity to visit again with you and have another great opportunity to learn more! You have inspired us to work hard, go to college and get an amazing education. Once more, thank you!

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