Pinnacle Continues to Flounder in Region Action


ETV 10 News stock photo

In an effort to end the season on a high note, the Pinnacle boys’ and girls’ basketball teams went to the court with high expectations, only to be handed losses Friday and Saturday.

Friday found the Pinnacle boys taking on Navajo Mountain only to fall 58-54 by the end of the faceoff. Hoping to play to a different tune on Saturday, the boys gave up another close victory to Monument Valley, 65-63.

The girls also hosted Monument Valley on Saturday. Despite the home court advantage, however, the Lady Panthers fell 68-24.

Monument Valley grabbed a lead early on, finishing the first half 29-11. The Cougars continued their dominance, blowing past Pinnacle and putting up a high 25 in the fourth.

Lady Panther Bobbie Syrett shone in the action, netting two-thirds of her team’s points and also sinking a three for good measure.

The 2016-17 season will continue for the Panthers as the boys travel to Whitehorse on Thursday, Feb. 23.

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