Pinnacle Employee Arrested for Misuse of School Funds


In early May, a Price City Police Officer met with two members of the Pinnacle Canyon Academy staff who wished to report an employee that had stolen over $100,000 from the school over the past several years.

The employee in question, Kalisa Fish, had been questioned earlier that day and had been terminated. According to the staff members that the officer spoke with, there is a special line on the payroll in which teachers that are after school advisors or coaches have additional pay for those assignments.

Fish had allegedly been adding special pay, or additional wages, to her own checks since 2020. After meeting with the two staff members, the officer stated that he made contact with Fish by phone, who initially agreed to meet with him that same day. However, not long after, an attorney had phoned the officer and let him know that Fish would not speak with law enforcement at that time.

On May 29, contact was made with Fish in-person and she was placed under arrest and booked into the Carbon County Jail on the charges of misusing public money in an amount over $5,000 and theft with a value of over $5,000.

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