Pinnacle High School Graduates Leave Their Mark on 2024


Photo Courtesy of Pinnacle High School

The Pinnacle Canyon Academy (PCA) High School graduating class of 2024 celebrated their achievements and the earning of their high school diplomas surrounded by family, friends and loved ones.

The ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a welcome speech from Kerry Welch, Pinnacle Canyon Academy’s Counseling Director.

Mika Johnson was the first guest speaker of the night, introducing herself as an “advisor, or as some of the students call me, mom.” Johnson joked that public speaking is not “her cup of tea” but that this was an opportunity for the graduates to “torture me one last time.”

Johnson then discussed some of the challenges that each student faced during the school year while also quoting some of their “complaints,” as she jokingly teased. She boasted how despite the struggles that each student faced, there they sat eagerly waiting for their diploma that they had worked so hard for.

PCA’s Salutatorian Keira Davis then took to the stage as she began by thanking all of the teachers who put their time and energy into getting her where she is today. Davis gave special thanks to Vice Principal and Athletic Director, Mark Stuckenschneider, for pushing her to do track, even when she did not want to. Davis stated that because of Stuckenschneider encouraging her, she ended up taking first place and went on to state.

“Your presence will forever leave a mark on my life,” stated Davis.

Attendees were then presented with a slide show of childhood pictures of all of the graduates. Pictures filled with memories of dirt covered faces, fishing trips and toothless grins. Sounds of sniffles and “awes” echoed the auditorium, followed by cheers and clapping.

Valedictorian Madison Sasser took center stage as she presented her speech. Sasser wanted to offer thanks to all of the teachers who made an impact in their lives. Sasser offered special thanks to Ms. Hardy, stating that “she always made sure we had the tools we needed to get here.”

“Ms. Hardy made sure that if anyone was struggling, that they had what they needed for school,” stated Sasser.

Sasser, also provided special thanks to PCA counselors, stating that they always provided students with a safe place to vent, cry, decompress or just to work through any anger that they were feeling.

Family, friends, graduates and advisors were then able to watch a slide show of the graduates taken during the 2023-2024 school year. Pictures from sporting events, school events and random pictures taken throughout the year flooded the big screen.

Heidi Kay and Kerry Welch then took podium to present graduates with their high school diplomas. The Pinnacle High School graduating class of 2024 are:

Jaxon Atwood, Cole Barton, Brendin Bigelow, Carly Bodily, Keira Davis, Emily Espinoza, Angela Gocha, Chantel Hardy, Alisa Hilliard, Kay’La Howerton, Madden Kelly, Mark Kerby, Braxton Kinsman, Blashia Leatherbury, Kerstyn Leyba, Jim Lolley, Angel Love, Ryleigh Mortensen, Shawntae Naranjo, John Nehl, Agustin Nunez, Alex Richardson, Madison Sasser, Deedra Sharp, Taylor Slama, Alexander Smith and Ryker Young.

Early graduates were Madison Carroll, Micheal Fivecoat, Emma Hester, Navi Kosmack, Starla Morgan, Carolina Vazquez and Jax Yanez.

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