Pinnacle High School Students Receive a Great Opportunity


Pinnacle High School juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take a step closer to their dream careers. Thanks to the Talent Ready Utah grant that was obtained by the local school, students who are interested in the medical field will have access to the Allied Health Career tracks at Utah State University Eastern. This will give the interested students the privilege of job shadowing and completing work-based learning at Castleview Hospital.

Last week, students that were interested in becoming interns through this grant attended a presentation at the hospital. During the presentation, a large number of hospital departments were represented. These representatives were able to speak to attendees about several topics, including wages, details of their day-to-day jobs, required schooling, why they personally love their job and much more. This provided the students with more background and information on the areas of study they are interested in. Some presenters even persuaded students to change their minds about their intended field of study to a different one that better suited their goals.

Through the internship, Pinnacle High School and Castleview Hospital will be in better communication. Students will also have a better understanding of the varying needs in the health care industry.

The collaborative effort involves Pinnacle High School, the Department of Workforce Services and Castleview Hospital.

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