Pinnacle Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Celebrates 5-Star Rating


The holiday season was not the only reason for the staff at Pinnacle Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to celebrate on Thursday. A special celebration took place in the dining room at the center beginning at noon to commend the staff on the facility’s recent 5-star rating.

The rating comes from Medicare and Medicaid. The pair rate nursing and rehabilitation facilities throughout the United States each year. The rating is chosen through three separate categories that include the nursing staff and more. It is a highly-esteemed rating that not many facilities are able to achieve, and Pinnacle has held that rating position for 1.5 years.

To celebrate, the staff was given sandwiches, salad, chips and refreshments. They were also gifted special t-shirts to don that boasted the achievement. During the celebration, all were also encouraged to enter a drawing that could win them a gift basket of goodies and a rifle.

Spencer Eaton, administrator at Pinnacle, stated that this achievement could not have been made possible if it weren’t for the help of the community and their trust in Pinnacle to take care of their loved ones.


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