Pinnacle Panthers Continue to Fight Through Season


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Diamond Ranch Academy’s Diamondbacks welcomed the Pinnacle Panthers to their home court on Tuesday for a non-conference matchup. Pinnacle stumbled through the first quarter, ending at 11-6 with the Diamondbacks in the lead.

This early disadvantage was a blow for the Panthers, who did not come out on top throughout the course of the game. The second quarter ended at 18-14. The third and fourth quarters were tighter competitions, with the Panthers pushing back harder. However, the Diamondbacks used their early momentum to their advantage and stayed on top with 12-10 and 12-11 scores, respectively.

Following this loss, the Panthers then traveled to Hildale to take on the Water Canyon Wildcats, hoping to take back a victory. Competition began hot and close with both teams giving their all. The first quarter ended with the Wildcats on top, 19-14.

Pinnacle was not ready to lie down and accept another defeat. They pushed back in the second quarter and were able to end in a tie, 20-20. The third quarter saw the Wildcats once more on top at 30-24. The fourth quarter was the Panthers’ last chance to defeat the Wildcats, prompting them to dive in headfirst. The were able to best the Wildcats 25-12, ending the game on top with a final score of 83-81.

Up next, the Green River Pirates will travel to the Panthers’ home court on Jan. 14 for a match-up.

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