Pinnacle Students Pay Tribute to Those Lost to Addiction


Schools throughout Carbon and Emery counties celebrated red ribbon week October 27-31. Since its beginning in 1985, Red Ribbon Week has taken place in schools throughout the United States to raise awareness about drugs and to promote a drug-free life.

While the trademark of Red Ribbon week is fun dress up days, Pinnacle Canyon Academy took a more personal route on Thursday. Throughout the day, students wrote notes on a tribute wall in the school. Some shared memories of loved ones they lost to drugs while others pleaded for current friends and family to break their addiction. The tribute wall also hosted a poem regarding loss of a loved one and the toll it takes on those left behind.

According to, an estimated 23.9 million Americans aged 12 or older, or 9.2 percent of the population, have used an illicit drug or abused a medication. Additionally, approximately 570,000 people die annually from overdose. That means most people know someone who has suffered from addiction. Students at Pinnacle hoped to raise awareness about the struggle and the toll it takes on loved ones.

Those struggling with addiction can call the 24 Hour Addiction Helpline for immediate help at 1-800-447-9081.

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