Pinnacle Students Travel to Washington DC


Each year, fifth grade students at Pinnacle Canyon extensively learn about US History. Throughout the school year, the students also earn funds to pay for a week-long trip to Washington DC. The trip takes place the beginning of the student’s sixth grade year.

Students left earlier this week bound for the nation’s capitol. Principal Mark Stuckenschneider explained that the students will visit several historical sites during their trip. “The kids will go to Arlington Cemetery, the World War II memorial, Holocaust Museum and several Smithsonian Museums,” explained the principal. “The trip allows students to  better understand the nation’s history.”

Fundraisers are conducted throughout the year allowing each student an opportunity to travel to Washington DC. “Parents are involved in fundraising efforts throughout the fifth grade year,” explained Stuckenschneider. “Our goal is to raise enough funds for every child to participate in the fall trip. Parents are in charge of soliciting outside funds and organizing events through the school.”

Pinnacle students will return from their trip this Saturday with life-long memories to share with family and friends.

Photos from this year’s trip will be posted on ETV 10 News once they become available.

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