Pinnacle Takes a Beating, Rebounds for a Win *Photo Gallery*


Joining their fellow Lady Panthers on the road, the Pinnacle Panthers traveled to take on the Wendover Wildcats on Thursday. This non-conference game began in high fashion. Each team fought hard and the quarter ended with Wendover in the lead, 16-12.

The second quarter was not so close. The Wildcats found their footing on their home court and outscored Pinnacle a whopping 25-4. The Panthers were not ready to concede, however, and fought valiantly in the third quarter, but were still outscored 22-16. Finally, the fourth quarter saw Wendover on top once again, prompting a win for the Wildcats, 87-42.

With this defeat in mind, the Panthers were ready on Saturday when they welcomed the Monument Valley Cougars to their home court. Competition was tight throughout the course of the matchup. The first quarter went to the Panthers, 22-20. The second and third followed with Pinnacle able to stay on top with scores of 21-14 and 26-21, respectively.

The fourth quarter was not a change for the game as it ended with the Panthers ahead, 21-17. Pinnacle took the win 90-72 in the high-scoring affair. Senior Benjamin Scott paved the way for the team with an impressive 34 points.

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