Third Grade Pinnacle Student Conducts Fundraiser for Carbon County Flood Victims


Jaxon Ingram along with his father Chet Ingram and Pinnacle elementary principal Mark Stuckenschneider display the money earned through a recent fundraising event.

Jaxon Ingram, a third grade student at Pinnacle Canyon Academy, rallied the school and community members together to collect funds for flood victims throughout Carbon County. By the end of his fundraising efforts, Ingram managed to gather approximately $1,000.

The eight-year-old boy was saddened by the destruction September’s flooding events caused in Wellington and Carbonville. He explained that after helping a family in Wellington cleanup from the mess left behind, he wanted to make a difference and help as many people as possible through a fundraising effort.

Ingram approached Pinnacle elementary principal Mark Stuckenschneider and asked for permission to conduct an event to gather money to be donated to those in need. Stuckenschneider then asked school board members, who granted permission.

On Oct. 8, students in the elementary school were allowed to wear free dress instead of uniforms, as long as they paid the $1 donation fee. “A lot of kids paid more than $1,” Ingram explained. “I got money out of my piggy bank and donated $32, but left some money to give to the Wellington family my family is helping out.”

Pinnacle high students quickly joined Ingram’s fundraising efforts by selling pizza by the slice. Several parents within the school also contributed various amounts of money and USU Eastern also donated to the effort.

“My grandma got some mud in her basement when Helper flooded this summer,” Ingram stated. “I helped clean that up, but she didn’t get it as bad as a lot of people did this time. She was really lucky, but that taught me to help others whenever I can.”

Ingram remains modest but is proud of the amount of money raised during the one-day fundraiser.

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