Pinnacle Volleyball Defeats Rival Team, Concludes Season


By AshLee Kerr, Pinnacle Canyon Academy Journalism Student

On Sept. 26, the Pinnacle Panthers volleyball team went five sets with determination to beat their rival team, the Green River Pirates.

This year is a year to remember for the Pinnacle Panthers volleyball team. They have finally, for the first time ever, beat their rival team, the Green River Pirates. The game went all five sets with the girls determined not to leave without a win.

“It was emotional,” said coach Heidi Kay. “It’s been a long time coming. Over these last few years, we’ve been trying to beat this team. I knew that the girls could do it this year, they just had to find a way to stay positive and work together.”

This year, the coaching staff has applied more self-correction into the practices. The athletes run for their own mistakes and are rewarded for the things they do well. They’ve also focused on serve, receive and passing drills. “The harder we practice the harder we play,” said junior Misty Bingham.

“I’m glad it was us seniors this year,” stated senior Lexi Wilstead. “I’m glad we worked as a team to win and no one gave up, we stayed positive and that’s more than likely why we won.”

Everyone agreed that they would love to have more people come and cheer them on during games. “The louder the gym, the more intense we play,” said Bingham.

“The more support the girls have is what helps them do better,” coach Kay said. “It makes them want to show off for what they think are cute boys.”

Pinnacle’s season is over for this year, however, the girls who plan to return next season would like to see an increase in fan participation.

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