Pinnacle Volleyball Honor Seniors During Senior Night


The Pinnacle Panthers took a special moment during their volleyball match against Whitehorse on Friday evening to pay tribute to their senior girls on the team. Family and friends of the seniors were encouraged to also attend. Parents stood with the girls as they were honored, giving them roses and presents.

Four girls were represented during senior night.

Dellenie Paletta, Makael Vigil, Misty Bingham and Kiara Badback all submitted special thanks to the coach and team, which was read off while they were being presented. All stated how much they would miss being a part of the team.

“The girls have worked hard all season and they came together on Friday night and won when we needed to,” coach Heidi Kay stated.

The Pinnacle Panthers won their match against Whitehorse on Friday evening with a final score of 3-2.


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