Pinwheels For Prevention Once Again Line the Sidewalk As a Beacon of Hope


Pinwheels for prevention line the walkway of the Carbon County Family Support and Children’s Justice Center in Price as a sign of hope. The pinwheels signify hope for the future and the prevention of child abuse.

Family Support and CJC Director Shelley Wright explained that the facility is intended as a resource center for parents. She said all parents get overwhelmed and stressed and it’s moments like these that the family support program steps in.

The center offers crisis counseling and services to any community member who may need assistance. A crisis nursery provides temporary shelter for children in state custody and respite care for families who may need assistance during difficult times. Nursery services are supplied free of charge and crisis management is available 24 hours a day.

Parenting classes are offered to community members and a home visiting program serves at-risk families. This program sometimes begins before a child is even born. These classes are provided following a qualifying assessment conducted by the family support group.

The main goal of family support services is “to prevent abuse and neglect through strengthening families,” explained Wright.

Though abuse prevention is key, Wright acknowledges that abuse does happen and that’s when the justice center steps in.

The facility is set up with children in mind. A friendly, home-like environment provides a non-threatening atmosphere for abused children to visit while interviews are being conducted. Law enforcement officers and social workers use the justice center to provide support for abuse victims and their families because of the low key environment.

Resources such as therapy and medical care are also set up for victims through the center. Wright encourages families to visit the center and take a tour. By doing so, she hopes that those who need help will feel more compelled to seek assistance.

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