Pirates Crown Mr. and Miss Mont Harmon


By Alyssa Vigil

This year’s Mr. Mont Harmon was held on Nov. 27, 2013 in the auditorium. This year it was decided to include a Miss Mont Harmon.

Contestants had to answer questions and show a talent. Many chose to sing. Others chose, dancing, piano, drums, group performances and skits.

McKenna Sorenson and Whitnee Woodhouse sang Counting Stars Together. McKenna also sang a solo of Hallelujah.

Gavin Nielson and Morgan Radley showed a video of their talent which was Gavin’s life and Morgan shooting her gun.

Chloe Teuscher, Brecklyn Frame and McKenna Sorenson performed a very entertaining dance.

After all the hard work, the winners of this year’s Mr. and Miss Mont Harmon was awarded to Chloe Teuscher and Gavin Nielson.

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