Pirates Hold Off Cougars for Win in Championship Match *Photo Gallery*


Story Written By Julie Johansen

Mont Harmon Middle School boys’ and girls’ basketball teams both scored first-place victories at the Middle School/Jr. High Basketball tournament at Canyon View Jr. High Wednesday.

The final games were both played against the Canyon View Cougars. The two teams had secured byes in the first bracket of the competition because of their season wins and advanced to play each other in the championship games.

The Pirates defeated the San Rafael Bulldogs to advance to the final game against the Cougars, which they won by the narrow margin of 45-41. The Canyon View Cougars had trailed by 11 points early in the game but responded to just a four-point loss to the Pirates.

Players on the winning team included Caleb Winfree, Noah Bradford, Merrick Morgan, Brayton Nielsen, Jordan Fossat, Cayden Steele, Max Lancaster, Derick Robison and Ryan Lupo. They were coached by Dave Justice, Mark Justice and Rory Bradley.

The Mont Harmon girls team also defeated the Canyon View girls team by 10 points, 46-36.

They, too, had previously defeated the San Rafael girls to face the Cougars in the final competition. Girls on the Pirates championship team included Ryan Brady, Emma Christensen, Heaven Vigil, Reagan Smuin, Lyndsey Madrigal, Katie Jones, Karli Hillam, Makenna Blanc, Kylee Dimick and Janzie Jensen. They were coached by Jake Atwood and Darin Lancaster.

Other teams competing in the tournament were Pinnacle, Green River, Helper and San Rafael.

Pictures by Dusty Butler

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