Pirates Rebound Against Merit Academy


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

Following a tough loss to Emery on Friday night, Green River rebounded against Merit Academy the following day. The Pirates dominated their home court in the non-region matchup.

Green River was a force to be reckoned with in the first quarter. The Pirates kept Merit Academy scoreless while they poured in 17 points for a commanding lead. The Knights woke up in the second quarter, but Green River still had a 32-17 lead at the half.

The Pirates did not let up in the second half, despite Merit Academy’s attempt at a comeback. Green River had its best offensive output in the third quarter, notching 22 points, before sealing the game in the fourth. The Pirates ran away with a victory, 72-35.

Luis Hernandez was a force for Green River with his 21 points. Ryker Meadows and Raul Mendoza were also in double digits with 13 and 11 points, respectively. Jarrett Guerrera, Bridjer Meadows, Hoyt Hunt, Joe Vollmer and Antonio Macias recorded points in the win as well.

Green River will now take a break for Thanksgiving. The team will return to the court on Dec. 1 when the Pirates travel to take on Mount Vernon.

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