Pirates Suffer Loss Against Thunderbirds *Photo Gallery*


By Robin Hunt

The Green River Pirates had their last home game of the regular season on Wednesday afternoon where they honored the team’s three seniors before the first pitch. This year’s seniors include #15 Payton Romero, #22 Conner Zwahlen and #8 Rad Hughes. 

Then, the game began, and the pirates ultimately lost 8-0. The Pirates hustled all over the field, improving on the last game against the Thunderbirds where they lost 12-1. 

Conner Zwahlen stole a base while Payton Romero attempted to, and almost got away with it with some very evasive maneuvers; however, the Thunderbirds managed to tag him.  

Camden Anderson had two putouts, Hoyt Hunt had three, Rad Hughes had four and Zwahlen led the team with six. Romero pitched three strikeouts while Jordan Anderson pitched one.

The next game for the Pirates will be held against Wayne in Bicknell on Friday at 3 p.m.

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