Pirates’ Valiant Effort


ETV News Stock Photo by Jamie Swank

Green River set its sights on Escalante on Tuesday night. It was not the start the visitors had hoped for as the Moquis dominated the first half, 27-12.

Credit the Pirates though, they never gave up. They more than doubled their offensive output in the third quarter to pull within 10 points. Green River continued the attack in the closing minutes, applying pressure on the Moquis. Unfortunately, time ran out, allowing Escalante the narrow escape, 42-41.

Bridjer Meadows led the scoring for the Pirates with 12 points followed by Joe Vollmer with 10. Raul Mendoza and Ryker Meadows added another seven and six points, respectively.

Green River (8-10, 1-3) will have some time off before its next trip to Monticello (6-8, 3-0) on Thursday, Feb. 2.

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