Planned Power Outage Addendum


Price City Press Release

Due to recently discovered conditions, Price City is altering the previously announced planned power outage. Only the eastern portion of the city will be affected at this time. The outage will begin at 11:00 PM on Friday, April 24th, 2020. It will last approximately 6 hours until 5:00 AM on Saturday, April 25th, 2020. Provided maps indicate the affected area and are approximate. Homes and structures near the borders may or may not experience the outage depending on the direction of the electrical service feed. Homes and structures whose electrical service is provided by Rocky Mountain Power will not be affected. Crews will work to limit the
duration of the outage to a minimum while they perform maintenance on city electric substations that cannot be done while energized. Street lights and traffic signals in the affected areas may not be operating during this time. Please use extra caution, drive at reduced speeds, and always treat any non-working traffic signal as a 4-way stop.

We would like to remind everyone to make necessary arrangements for home health care, personal and business needs, and travel before the power outages. Residents who rely on oxygen are encouraged to contact their service providers for temporary oxygen provisions. Please limit your time and distance traveling in the affected area during the outages. For more Information, please contact the Utilities Office at (435)636-3197 or email

Always report downed electrical wires or damaged underground utilities to 911 and the Utility Company. Before digging or excavating, have underground utilities located and marked by calling 811 or going to and clicking on the “Submit Ticket” button.

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