Planning and Zoning Codes and Ordinances for Affordable Housing Considered for Development


By Julie Johansen

Henry Falon Jr. presented information online about the Canal Commons Project in Green River to the Emery County Business Chamber (ECBC) Housing Committee at their June 24 meeting. He stated that it is an income-friendly USDA housing program in Green River. They are building a subdivision with homes for sale. Falon stated that the land was owned by the city, but now belongs to the contractors. The Southeastern Regional Development Agency (SERDA) is working with this group to help make affordable housing.

The guest presenter for the meeting was Gary Arrington, Zoning Administrator for Huntington City and chairman of the Emery County Planning and Zoning board. He is also a licensed general contractor and past member of the Deseret View Credit Union board.

Arrington spoke about making healthy developments in Huntington. There is a shortage of housing in all of the state of Utah, but it is time to make changes. Huntington is working to create multiple dwelling units with available utilities. They are also considering smaller lot sizes and RV subdivisions, with regulations like an HOA. He reminded the group that zoning in the cities is governed by the state. Annexation applications must come from the property owners. Planning and Zoning will attempt to make growth friendly.

Emery County is in the process of updating their General Plan and Code Book. There was discussion about ordinances and codes in cities and town in Emery County helping to make affordable growth possible. Some cities are using the services of Todd Thorne, regional consultant, to help update these codes.They expressed their appreciation of his help.

Financing still remains the red flag for developments. Contractors need big lots in order to make money. Many first-time homeowners cannot meet the financial obligations and businesses that need to increase their employee numbers are finding it hard to have the necessary housing. The ECBC is looking at ways to help alleviate this situation.

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