Planning and Zoning Meet to Discuss Helper Main Street Design Concept


A special meeting took place at the Helper Civic Auditorium on Wednesday evening. This meeting, conducted by the city’s Planning & Zoning committee, took place for the purpose of approving the design concept for Helper City’s Main Street for which the community voted.

The design will feature benches, trees and drought-tolerant plants as well as furniture and fire pits. Rock gardens will provide illumination during nighttime hours. Another exciting feature was added with the community in mind. At the turn of the century, there were 27 languages spoken in Helper. With this information, the project’s design committee implemented stone in the walkway that would represent each language with the phrase “welcome, friends.”

This design was approved and will be presented to the Helper City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting on April 6. Once the council has taken time to look at the design, discuss and approve on its end, the next phase of the project will then begin.

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