Plans for Anticipated Bike Park Improvements on Hold


While giving council reports during the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday evening, council member Terry Willis spoke with the other members on the possibility of putting a hold on the anticipated bike track scheduled to transform the BMX track at the Dino Mine Park to a full Bike Trail.

A May 1 deadline for a grant that would guarantee the state parks matching the cost 50% with Price City had the council members questioning whether to begin work on the area and complete it halfway, for a cost of $179,000 with Price City’s half equaling $89,000, or whether to wait and be able to complete it all at one time.

This question arose when it was discovered that the grand total for the plan would equal close to $500,000. Unfortunately, that price is not something that the city can take on at this time. Willis did inform Mayor Piccolo and the rest of the council that another grant deadline is approaching in August that is very similar to the current one and could also be utilized.

Mayor Piccolo urged the council to consider whether it would be worth it to wait and complete the whole project when able rather than to rush it and leave half unfinished. All of the council members agreed that Willis has worked tirelessly on this and that they are behind it 100%. However, all felt that waiting and skipping the May 1 deadline would be more beneficial for this project.

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