Plans for Bike Park Continue, Council Approves Purchase of Asphalt Paver For Road Improvements


ETV 10 news stock photo

Price City Council Member Terry Willis kicked off the council meeting on Wednesday night by informing the mayor, fellow council members and attendees that she recently met with a number of people that have great interest in the city’s bike park. Willis stated that she received a lot of input and new ideas. It was also discovered that the layout encroached on school district land, so proper adjustments were made.

A more comprehensive plan is going to be made through Sage Trails Company. These plans will be ready to submit as the grants come due, Willis informed all.

The beautification of exit ramp 240 was also discussed at the council meeting by member Kathy Hanna-Smith. However, a decision on the subject was not made.

Also discussed at the meeting was the possibility of purchasing an asphalt paver. Miles Nelson spoke on behalf of the streets department, informing the council that a road fund has been set aside for the purpose of purchasing equipment such as this and it will greatly improve the convenience of smaller jobs to keep the roads in better shape.

This paver, Nelson stated, is a budgeted purchase in the funds. Nelson can move within the budget and does not have to allocate. The machine would be received in May and the road projects would be started in the summer. This purchase was approved by council members.

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