Plans for Peach Days Continue to Grow


By Julie Johansen

The Ferron City Council met on Wednesday evening with the main item up for discussion being the upcoming Peach Days celebration. The events are planned for the second week in September.

Tentative events include a bike ride, dessert contest, fun run, drive in movie, sidewalk Picasso and fireworks. Also planned is the field of flags, car show, cornhole tournament, night parade, bingo games, chalk/color dance and exhibits at city hall.

Masks have been ordered to be distributed at the celebration and each event planner will have a health department requirement sheet on file. Food vendors are being solicited for the celebration and there will be no charge to the vendors to participate.

Next, following the Board of Equalization’s utility adjustments for two Ferron citizens who have had leaks in their lines, a public hearing was held to consider opening the 2020-21 fiscal year budget. The purpose of opening the budget is because the city now has more funds than what was budgeted earlier this spring and these funds were considered to be added to the various areas of the budget. The resolution to amend the budget was approved.

Next, the list of capital projects for the city as well as the Castle Valley Special Service District for the coming year were discussed and approved.

With an audit coming within a couple of weeks, the Fraud Risk Assessment Guide was brought to the attention of the council by the mayor. Each question was considered and action will be taken in those areas where needed.

During the mayor and council reports, a discussion of the “on call” animal control officer (councilmen) was considered. A part-time person may need to be assigned to this task. Compensation for anyone fulfilling these duties was determined to be necessary.

Councilman Troy Winter then explained that there have been dumpster issues within the city, but he is optimistic that most of them have been solved. Signage will be posted at the dumpster area in hopes that citizens will follow the prescribed procedures. He explained that dumping is only for Ferron citizens. Also, fairgrounds usage, including lights for the arena, will be only upon permission and will remain locked at other times.

Councilman Dell Mead reported that there seems to be less deer traffic in the city this year. A question as to who can utilize the meat of the troublesome deer harvested within city limits was answered. It was explained that anyone can apply for the meat of the animals but the person who has the deer problem on their property will be given first priority.

Councilwoman Shala Hunsaker is working on the welcome signs at the entrances to Ferron at the north and south. She also requested some attention be given to the stairway at the entrance to the club house of Millsite Golf Course. Hunsaker said that first impressions are very important and remarked that the rest of the course looks very nice.

Mayor Adele Justice concluded the reports, saying that a concerned citizen requested a yield sign for safety reasons and dog resolutions in her area. The mayor also reported that she is in constant contact with the Bureau of Land Management, attempting to secure the lease on the golf course area. Mayor Justice also has a rough draft of a contract between Great Life and Ferron City for golf course management ready for review.

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