Plans for Price City Bike Park Begin to Roll Forward


The projected area for the city’s bike park, as discussed during the city council meeting on Wednesday. Courtesy of Terry Willis.

Plans to create a bike park for Price City got a big push last Wednesday evening when a motion was passed by the city council to not only appropriate $1,000 of the city’s budget for a preliminary design for such a park, but also to accept a concept design and to apply for an upcoming grant dealing with the project.

After looking at various locations throughout the city, the perfect fit for the plan came when inspecting the city’s old BMX park, located near Carbon High School and the Basso Dino-Mine Adventure Park.

The piece, currently unused by the city, caught the attention of consultants surveying possible sites as they expressed their approval of the area.

With the help of Price City Public Works Director Miles Nelson, boundaries were set and a proposed area was shown to the council Wednesday evening. “I think this is a win-win for Price City,” said councilmember Terry Willis, who reported on the agenda item at the meeting.

Willis also described a grant that could help to alleviate many of the projected costs dealing with the area as well as other aspects of the park, including restroom facilities.

The park is planned to serve beginner to intermediate riders as well as focus on families to be able to use it. “We’re not just targeting one type of people,” said Willis, “but really a very family-friendly bike park.”

The project is still in its first phases, with the plans of having construction work begin in the spring.  The option also exists for the future of connecting the park with other parks in northern price.

Willis also stated that the proposed plans will not interfere with Carbon School District’s renovation of their baseball and softball fields, near the projected area.

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