Plans for Service in Huntington City


By Julie Johansen

At the February meeting of the Huntington City Council, MECCA Club representatives requested a donation for a memorial plaque to be placed at the trailhead of Goodwater Rim Trail. The 12”x 18” plaque will honor former Huntington Mayor and Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guymon. The council voted to donate $150, which when added to the county’s donation, should pay for the plaque.

Huntington City will join other cities to contract with Emery County to vote by mail for its municipal elections.

Also at the meeting, citizen concerns were voiced about snow removal procedures by the city. Areas of concerns included the large piles of snow making it hard to see when approaching intersections and the traffic hazards they could cause. Others praised the middle-of-the-road piles as they don’t plug up drains or driveways. Some suggested removing the snow piles in high traffic areas such as church parking lots or senior center parking. It was expressed that city maintenance will do all they can to accomplish these desires. Huntington City’s maintenance foreman reported that the snow removal equipment has been repaired following the long hours of the last storm and are ready for the next storm.

Fireman Chase Majors thanked the council for its support in sending firemen to multiple training classes, stating the importance of having trained men in the city’s fire department. It was stated that fire chief Thomas Jensen and the department are in the process of restructuring and retraining.

Mayor Leonard Norton thanked the maintenance staff and office staff for their help in a very busy and stressful month due to illness and the largest snow storm in more than a decade.

Councilwoman Lesa Miller reported on the recent Community Veterans Outreach meeting. This organization is exploring ways to better coordinate and offer veteran services in the area. She also reported that the youth city council is ready to start again under the direction of adult advisor Courtney Justice.

Councilman Kelly Oveson reported that the city is receiving bids for improvements around the grandstand on the rodeo grounds.

Councilman Joe Ward spoke about the cement work around the miners’ memorial, some of which has been cancelled due to the expense.

Councilwoman Gloria Wilson reported that flowers for Main Street planters have been ordered as well as new Christmas decorations.

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