Plans Move Forward for the Huntington Canyon South Debris Basin


Emery County Commissioners approved a change order Tuesday for the Huntington Canyon south debris basin to add bid items and quantities to construct phases two and three of the project. The change order includes mobilization, clearing and grubbing, excavating, embankments, concrete work, riff-raff, perforated pipe and radial gate.

The change order also increased the time for Nielson Construction to complete the project to 77 days. The expected date of completion is December 15.

Commissioner Jeff Horrocks stated that the Army Corp of Engineers issued the county a 404 permit to proceed. The funding is in the bank and will be released. The NRCS is providing additional funding and is just waiting for the project to move forward.

“The NRCS has been politely accommodating extending the dates,” said commissioner JR Nelson.

Commissioners ratified the engineering contract with Johansen and Tuttle Engineering for additional work on Huntington north debris basin and mitigation on both the north and south debris basins. Johansen and Tuttle Engineering explained that the contract is for the access road to clean out the debris basin and mitigation the Army Corp of Engineers is requiring.

The next Emery County Commission meeting will be hosted on Sept. 9 at 9 a.m. at the Emery County Courthouse in Castle Dale.

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