Plans Progress in Upcoming Health Department Relocation


The Southeast Utah Health Department (SEUHD) hosted a virtual board meeting on Tuesday evening where those in attendance discussed the upcoming relocation of the department to the former 7th District Courthouse in Price.

Braden Bradford, Director of the SEUHD, gave an update on the building that the health department will relocate to in the future. He stated that he sent out a department-wide email with an update of the two buildings to be remodeled.

He continued by stating that he is encouraged by the changes that have been made since they met with Jones and DeMille Engineering regarding the project. Bradford informed all that the plans are not finalized but are a great improvement to the first draft viewed. Following changes, the department will begin addressing mechanical and electrical matters.

Bradford stated that the health department is also working to get appropriate agreements signed with Carbon County. Finally, Bradford informed all in the meeting that they are attempting to obtain a bid to be fully bonded and able to move forward. It is believed that the next step will be getting plans completed in order to put the project out to bid.

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