Police Currently Investigating Slew of Business Burglaries


Several businesses in Price have been subject to overnight burglaries over the past two weeks. According to Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes, an active investigation is underway.

The break-ins have occurred primarily in downtown Price, but extend from the Cedar Hills area to the hospital. Doctor and dentist offices have mainly been targeted, however, several other local businesses have also been hit.

Because the investigation is ongoing, very few details are available at this time. But Barnes encourages business owners to take extra steps to prevent a burglary.

“My best advice is to get a good alarm system with a quick response,” he advised. “Good security cameras with proper lighting are extremely useful when a burglary does occur.”

He also recommended that business owners install more than a standard lock on all entryways and to avoid making the business a target.

“Many places keep a large amount of cash on hand making them susceptible to theft,” he explained. “Someone with knowledge of this, for example a previous or disgruntled employee, may find this an easy target.”

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