Police Make Arrest in Armed Robbery Case


Price City Police detectives arrested Jennifer Tryon on Dec. 1 for her connection with an armed robbery at Smith’s Food and Drug.

According to Price police, Tryon was charged with aggravated robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and obstruction of justice. Police indicate that Tryon was the driver of the getaway vehicle used during the robbery on Nov. 26.

Law enforcement have also identified Domonic Mathew Martinez as the primary suspect in the November robbery. Martinez who is also known as Cancerous or Canceris has not been located and is still on the run. Price police believe that Martinez may be hiding out in northern Utah and may be armed.

During the robbery, police report that a clerk was approached by Martinez who displayed a gun and demanded money. The clerk complied and turned over an undisclosed amount of cash.

Anyone with information regarding Martinez and his whereabouts, should contact Price City Police 636-3190.

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