Policies and Business Licenses Approved by Huntington City


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By Julie Johansen

Following the public comment period, opening statement and Pledge of Allegiance, three new business licenses were approved at the Huntington City Council meeting on Wednesday evening. The new businesses were JLG Insurance, LLC, located at 250 West 400 North and owned by Jennifer Gordon; Shady Acres RV and Mobile Home Park at 380 North 200 West, owned by Robert and Christina Haws; and KrypDom LLC, an information technology business.

A COVID-19 policy was the next item on the agenda. The policy had been previously read by the council and was approved by all. The policy stated that on the first occurrence that was confirmed by a physician or medical clinic, there would be 10 days of paid leave. On the second occurrence, also confirmed by medical personnel, sick leave or vacation days would need to be used.

The city’s code book Title 5, which has been under review and advisement, has been completed and was approved. The council will now review and consider Title 6 for approval at November’s council meeting.

Next, sidewalk approaches and repair bids recently awarded to Mike Riley were reopened to include more concrete work and new pricing. The bid in the amount of $12,000 was approved and work should begin within the next two weeks.

A donation of $200 to the Shop With a Cop program was then approved by a roll call vote. This will also be added to the approved donation list for the city.

It was then reported that the clock outside of city hall is not working and parts cannot be found for repairs. Consideration of a new clock purchase was requested by the mayor and a vote will take place at the next meeting.

Huntington City Treasurer Ronni Torre recently attended the treasurer conference and reported that the city’s rodeo ticket sales and complimentary breakfast and dinner must include a sales tax. She also questioned why the transient room tax had not been received from the county. She concluded by reporting that redevelopment agency taxes must be kept separate.

Next, the mayor reported that the property owned by Glen Nielsen and other entities must be cleaned up and fenced. This will require the removal of a metal water tank and an easement from Nielsons and Johnsons to accomplish this. He is anxious to get this all finalized.

The mayor also reported that it is fall clean up time and piles are beginning to show around the city. Even though it says online that Huntington City is not issuing burn permits, he reports that it is now time to burn and burning can be done until Nov. 15.

A new councilman, Judd Beagley, was then introduced and will begin his service to Huntington in January. To conclude, all of the council and mayor were very congratulatory of the Wee Bit Wicked Witches celebration hosted recently in the city.

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