Potential Post Office Closure Angers Emery Town


Emery Town citizens gathered Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of the Emery Post Office closing.

USPS representatives traveled to the meeting to try to help inform citizens about the possible closure. They emphasized that an official decision had not been made because the Emery Post Office was still being reviewed.

Citizens discussed the possibility of receiving a Village Post Office, street deliverance or traveling to Ferron to pick up mail if the current Post office was closed.

Most citizens said they thought they would be forced to travel to Ferron to pick up their mail, which was an unpopular option. Citizens were concerned that senior citizens, 42-percent of Emery Town’s population, would have difficulty regularly making the 30-mile roundtrip.

Other citizens were concerned about delays such a situation would create. Concerns about mail-order medicines, road closures and inclement weather were all raised.

Some citizens were also concerned that a Post Office closure would prevent the town from growing and developing. Many citizens felt like they were being punished for living in a rural area.

Citizens honored the sitting Town Postmaster with a standing ovation.

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