Prehistoric Museum Director Named Tourism Super Service Award Recipient


Carbon County Tourism Specialist Tina Henrie announced the Tourism Super Service Award Recipienton  Wednesday evening during the commission meeting.

Henrie stated that this go around is a gentleman that many in the area know. This month, the honor went to Tim Riley, Director and Curator of Archaeology at the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum. Henrie said that Riley is an amazing asset not only to the museum and tourism in general, but the community as a whole.

Riley is very front and center when it comes to tourism projects. “He knows so much about our communities and it’s very helpful when people visit the museum,” Henrie stated.

She continued by stating that she is grateful to have the opportunity to work with him and said the county is lucky that he helps head the museum. While accepting the reward, Riley stated that he was thrilled and was accepting it not just for him, but for the entire museum staff.

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