Prehistoric Museum Set To Announce New Curator of Archaeology


The Prehistoric Museum has already made a decision on the new Curator of Archaeology position, but one vital piece of information is still unknown. A name.

Dr. Kenneth Carptenter, Director and Curator of Paleontology at theВ PrehistoricВ Museum, said an offer has been made and is waiting on a background check to come back before a formal offer can be sent.

Dr. Carpenter also that those who want to know when they will release the name to “cool your jets,” and that as soon as the background check has cleared they will put out a press release.

The new curator was chosen from a list of three names, all of whom presented individualВ lecturesВ at the Prehistoric Museum February 29, March 1 and March 8. The decision was made between Dr. Timothy Riley, Dr. Brian McKee and Dr. David Yoder.

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