Prehistoric Museum, USU Eastern Presents Free Labor Day Admission


Press Release

Bring family and friends this Labor Day to the Prehistoric Museum for FREE!

There are always new exhibitions at the museum. Our new Triassic exhibition highlights Utah’s earliest known dinosaur Coelophysis, an agile bipedal carnivore with a slender body built to run fast. This Greyhound-size dinosaur was 10 feet long, including the tail. Ceolophysis lived with other unique animals that survived in Utah’s prehistoric swampy forests, including a narrow snouted crocodile-like aquatic reptile and a giant amphibian with a three-foot-long head.

Don’t miss our special exhibition “Weaving a World: A Way of Life in the Four Corners” that runs through Nov. 9. It features a dazzling array of rugs and basketry from some of the leading weavers in the Four Corners region. A total of 40 contemporary Native American weavers are featured.

The Prehistoric Museum features fossils and artifacts from Utah. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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