Preparation Ramps Up as International Days Celebration Approaches


International Days ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

With just over one month left to finalize preparations, another International Days meeting was hosted at the Price City Hall on Tuesday afternoon.

The meeting began with talks of vendors. It was stated that there was about 20 confirmed booths/vendors at the time of the meeting, though as it gets closer, more calls are beginning to come in. However, it was stated that there may not be as many booths as in the past.

For Kids’ Day, Kari Fox of Castleview Hospital stated that they are meeting internally this week to speak with all of the physicians and staff that have participated in the past. With this internal meeting, they will gather a layout and decide exactly what is going to take place. Right now, she stated that they are planning to do everything that has been done in the past but said more information would be available following their meeting.

Shifting gears, the focus turned to Carbon Recreation. This year, the plan is to host a cornhole tournament rather than a horseshoe tournament. In regard to the climbing wall, contact has been made and it was stated that even if the wall is not obtained, some form of entertainment for the youngsters will be available.

Bret Cammans of Price City then spoke on the park layout, stating that they reviewed the new stage location. If the stage is on the south side of the road, it will be under the trees, which would supply an ample amount of shade and would be convenient for the power.

An issue was brought up in regard to the yearly carnival, with it being stated that obtaining a carnival each year proves difficult. A couple years ago, the committee found a company they really enjoyed. However, it was discovered that the company is in Idaho at the same time of International Days each summer.

With this in mind, an idea was introduced of possibly changing the dates of International Days in order to be able to host the carnival in the future. That would not change the dates this year, simply the dates going forward.

Discussion was had on whether changing the dates would begin conflicting with other events that are in the area. It was decided that calls would be made and information would be obtained before moving forward with the possible date change and making contact with the carnival.

The next International Days meeting is slated to take place on July 13 at 12 p.m.

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