Prepare Your Best for the Carbon County Fair Pie Baking Contest


Pie Baking Contest Rules 

  1. Pie must be entered in the name of the person who made it.
  2. Contest is intended for amateur bakers only. Professional bakers or those who earn a portion of their livelihood from baking or cooking may NOT enter the contest.
  3. Each pie must be made from scratch and baked in an 8”, 9” or 10” pie plate/pan. Each pie must include a serving utensil and a cover. NOT ALLOWED: CAN PIE FILLING OR A PRE-MADE STORE-BOUGHT CRUST
  4. Contestant must bring two of the entered pie.
  5. Contestants can submit as many entries as they want.
  6. Enter pies on date of contest at the Carbon County Fairgrounds Events Center at 12:30 p.m. Judging to be done at 1 p.m. with awards and public tasting following.
  7. Judging Criteria: Overall appearance, crust color/texture (doneness and flavor), filling consistency (doneness and flavor) and overall taste.
  8. Scoring: Each judge assigns a numerical value (1-5) in each criteria category (without consultation of the other judges.) In case of a tie, judges will then consult upon each other.
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