Preschool is Fun for Little Ones


Carbon School District Press Release

Preschool is an important part of a young child’s education, and it is also a lot of fun for the little ones as well.

This year, Carbon School District preschools have been working hard to teach these small students while keeping them safe and healthy as well.

The preschool team has been focusing on increasing social competence. Each PLC (Professional Learning Community) meeting has targeted an area to work on with students such as communicating emotions, sharing and turn taking, along with using positive words when interacting with others.

In February, preschools in the district will be targeting solving problems and working together. Teachers will have social stories, and there will be ant farms for kids to observe how ants work together and problem solve to accomplish goals.

It has been a challenging year, and the teachers have really stepped up to the task of negotiating teaching during a pandemic. There are a lot of excellent preschool teachers in the district’s schools. They include Stacie Turpin at Sally Mauro, Racquel Adams at Creekview, Torie Snyder at Wellington and Tammy Edwards at Bruin Point. Additionally, Kristina Schade and Carrie Timothy are teaching preschool-age kiddos who have disabilities at the Castle Valley Center.

“We have been grateful that we have been able to have in person learning most of the time with the increased safety precautions,” said Beverly Martinez, Director of Preschool Education in Carbon School District. “I also need to point out that teachers are busy learning the new core standards and have attended several virtual state training seminars to help them understand and implement the education core.”

Martinez also pointed out that parents were wonderful on following through with the virtual and home packets that were sent home when schools had to pause last spring because of COVID-19.

“They were awesome in the way they helped out and followed through,” she said.

Soon, the Carbon School District will begin preschool enrollment for the 2021-22 school year. Tuition is $50 per month for the three-year-old class and $70 per month for the four-year-old class. Please call Martinez at (435) 637-9150 if you want to have your child on the list for preschool next year.

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