Preschool Now Open and Running in Carbon School District


Carbon School District Press Release

Preschool is in full swing in the Carbon School District and teachers and students are excited for a fun, productive year.

Presently, all the tuition slots are currently full, but there is a waiting list for next year. Those who would like to put their child on the waiting list should call Beverly Martinez at (435) 637-9150.

The district presently has tuition-based preschools at Sally Mauro, Creekview, Wellington and Bruin Point elementary schools. Additionally, there is a special education preschool for children with disabilities and developmental delays at the Castle Valley Center.

The preschool program has a new webpage on the district website (

Those that have concerns about their child’s development can now complete the Ages and Stages questionnaire online. Ages and Stages supplies some good information and tells parents if their child is on track developmentally or if there are areas of potential developmental delay. There still are special education slots in the district preschool for students who have disabilities or delays as indicated on formal testing.

For parents who wish to register to participate in the online preschool that the Utah State Legislature has funded, go to the district preschool webpage. The program is called “UPSTART” and is from Waterford. UPSTART delivers computer-adaptive instruction at home alongside personal support from a family liaison who monitors progress and empowers parents as the first teacher of their child. Many children participate in both UPSTART and the district preschool as well.

The district’s preschool teachers are involved in some ongoing curriculum training from the folks at Learning Without Tears this year. The students are loving the hands-on approach to literacy, math and writing that the teachers are implementing.

“There are some wonderful preschool teachers in the district,” said Beverly Martinez, Carbon School District’s Preschool Coordinator. “Stacie Turpin is at Sally Mauro Elementary, Tammy Edwards is at Bruin Point Elementary, Torie Snyder is at Wellington Elementary, Racquel Adams is at Creekview Elementary and Carrie Timothy is at the Castle Valley Center. We also have a certified preschool special educator, Kristina Schade.”

Perhaps the most important thing a child learns in preschool is social competence. They learn to see themselves as a learner and as a functioning and valuable member of a classroom community.

“They realize that school is a great place to be and that they are capable and competent, which sets the stage for lifelong learning,” Martinez said. “We are excited as the 2021-22 school year progresses and would like to thank the parents of our preschoolers for sharing their beautiful children with us this year.”

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