Prevent Snow-Related Property Damage


By Jeff, CAS INC

A moderate amount of snow can be quite enjoyable and provides needed water for summer use. However, too much snow can cause structural damage to homes, carports, decks and summer cabins. Keeping snow from building up on our roofs and decks is a great way to avoid damage to begin with, but is not always possible, especially in higher elevations.


Ice dams cause leaks that saturate insulation and drywall as well as structural damage. Low slope roofs are especially susceptible to structural damage from the weight of wet snow. Horizontal cracks will appear in roof rafters and deck joists when they are beginning to fail.


Installing a metal roof is an excellent way to prevent snow damage. By purchasing a permit, your building will receive all code-related measures to prevent damage from ice dams and undersized roof rafters. Retrofitting properly-sized joists and rafters can prevent a costly collapse. Installing a pitched roof over the entire, home, cabin or mobile home may be the best option.


CAS INC provides a full range of construction services that can repair all weather-related damages to your buildings, such as drywall repair, structural repairs, roof replacements and new slopped roof structures. If its time for a new carport, garage, home or cabin, we can build that as well. Please visit for pictures of snow damage repairs in Carbon, Emery and Grand counties, including Scofield and Joe’s Valley. You can also call or text (435) 650-6841 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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