Price Author Celebrates Release of Second Book


Cami Carlson, a history teacher at Carbon High School, has undoubtedly seen the effects of persecution throughout history. This subject, however, has gone beyond lectures for the Price resident as she celebrates the release of her new children’s book entitled “The Bully Book.”

The book features how individuals may be bullied in today’s world and also helps others see the need to be kind to one another.

“The Bully Book,” however, is not Carlson’s first novel to be published. Her debut novel, “Hey! You’re Great!” was published in 2011 by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC as well.

After “Hey! You’re Great!” was published, Carlson remembered traveling to various elementary schools in the area to read her book to them and share its message of a positive self-image. After her presentation, she asked the students what the subject should be of her next book. The response was as surprising to her as it was united: bullying.

“I know when I was a kid, it was all about the physical,” Carlson explained. The students’ requests would lead her to investigate various forms of bullying from social to cyber. “I think a lot of times kids don’t even think they’re doing it.”

The book offers important information to young readers all while taking advantage of colorful illustrations and a fun rhyme scheme, something Carlson admitted was important to her and her writing.

“I love Dr. Seuss,” Carlson explained. “So, I thought, ‘I want to take some of the issues today and things that are important to me and try to communicate them.’”

“The Bully Book” is available for purchase online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Tate Publishing’s website. Carlson will also be visiting various venues in the local area starting at the end of March where those interested can meet the author and purchase books as well have copies signed.

Carlson, though, hopes her book will do much more than sell copies. “I just want everybody to love each other and be kind,” she said.

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