Price BLM Field Office Looking for Volunteers for Millsite Project


The next volunteer work project for the BLM Price Field Office will be held near Millsite Reservoir. The project will entail signing approved routes and begin blocking other routes for vegetation recovery. Volunteers will be working in a specific area for this project and an OHV is not required, but people can bring one to help transport signs, rocks and other materials to the locations that they will be used. Plan on meeting at the Millsite State Park at 9 a.m. on March 1. The group will be working adjacent to the state park.

BLM will not be signing designated routes on Thursday Feb. 20 or Thursday Feb. 27 in order to ensure there are plenty of signs for the Millsite Project.

Those planning on attending the Millsite project should contact Jaydon Mead, Recreation Technician (INTERN) at:

BLM Price Field Office
(435) 636-3646


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