Price Bridge Construction Project Currently at a Standstill


Kevin Kitchen, Region 4 Media Contact for the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), confirmed that the construction of the Price bridge is currently at a standstill.

The project, intended to repair the bridge deck to extend the overall life, began in March and was anticipated to last approximately 125 days. At this time, the contractor is awaiting approval from the railroad in order to begin demolition above the tracks. The construction team cannot proceed until the approval is received.

While crews were hoping to hear from the railroad by April 29, they have not yet. Within the next couple of days, if the crew has not heard from the railroad, there is potential for the schedule to be delayed. This means that the completion date could move into the new school year.

Kitchen stated that there is a wait to hear back from the railroad on several construction projects throughout Utah at this time. He also stated that every other aspect of the project is going well and according to the plan.

Continuing, Kitchen updated the SR 10 South of Price project, stating it is also doing well and on schedule, as is the Main Street/State Street work in Ferron, Castle Dale and Huntington. Furthermore, UDOT anticipates resuming construction on US Highway 6 near Helper. Kitchen believes that this project should resume on May 6 and there will be some lane closures associated with the work.

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