Price City and Cliffview Cemeteries Announce Christmas Decoration Cleanup Date


Press Release

Starting January 7, 2019, at 7 a.m., or the next business day, and every calendar year hereafter, Price City and Cliffview Cemetery will begin the annual Christmas decoration clean up — weather permitting. All live and artificial flowers, Christmas trees, wreaths and decorations (including Shepherd’s hooks and solar lights) that are not placed in vases or secured to the headstone itself, or extending beyond the edges of the headstone itself, will be discarded.

To avoid any misunderstanding, please remove all decorations prior to clean-up date. In the event the ground is frozen and/or snow covered, the clean-up will be temporarily postponed, but will take place no later than February 28, 2019.

Brianna Welch
/s/ Price City Cemetery Supervisor

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