Price City Continues to Make Upgrades with the Help of Outstanding City Workers and Residents


At the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday, the council addressed various aspects of Price City, which are moving in a positive direction.

Scott Olsen from the street and fleet department spoke to the council regarding new street signs that will be gracing Price City throughout the next few years. According to Olsen, this is a class C road capital improvement policy.

“We are taking an approach of upgrading,” Olsen explained. Throughout the next 10 years, signs throughout the city will be replaced. Olsen went on to explain that Price City is required by law to make these upgrades and that cities throughout the nation are under the same law.

In order to replace older, more worn out signs first, a meter will be used to measure a sign’s damage and need for replacement.

Also at the meeting, the council awarded Olsen with a certificate of recognition and appreciation for contributions he has made to Price City. Olsen has gone above and beyond his job description in the street and fleet department in his years of service and the council thanked him for his hard work and determination to make Price a better place.

Public works director Gary Sonntag also awarded John Procarione for hard work in his department. The council thanked Procarione for his dedication to Price City.

Kathy Hanna-Smith commented on the miner’s memorial and the positive feedback she has received regarding the program.

“It is going in the right direction,” she said. “It is amazing, people call just wanting to send in money for the project.”

She went on to further explain that community support and involvement for the project has been great and will be the key to the memorial’s success. A fundraiser in the form of a poker tournament was held on Saturday is support of the memorial.


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