Price City Council Approves Babe Ruth League Sponsorship


Jill Emerson made a stop at the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday evening to make a request for the Babe Ruth baseball tournaments that will take place once again this summer.

Last year, there were two age groups. However, Emerson explained that they have been asked to host three age groups this year. These groups will be broken up into two different weeks. July 18-23 will mark the nine and 10-year-old regional tournaments while the week of July 25-30 will be for the 14-year-old regional tournament.

The winning teams of 10 and 14 age groups will then go on to the World Series after. Emerson explained to the council that the main sponsorship goes toward getting the teams here, as it costs $3,000 to host each age group. Emerson also stated that there is a list that came from the Babe Ruth League that they wanted to bring to attention as it has been a few years that some of the upkeep has been done.

According to Emerson, there is a great group of people that will paint but they need help with purchasing the paint itself, the wood chips, the blasting of the dugouts, etc. Emerson acknowledged that over the years, the league does assist in maintenance, but there are other things that are needed.

The games will be played at the Toy Atwood east and west fields (four and five) and the groups will be at the Carbon County Event Center for competitions. The Helper field will be utilized as well. The first week will have about 1,000 participants and the next will be about 400-600.

Councilman Rick Davis then commended Emerson for all that she does. From there, a sponsorship was approved for $1,000 and Emerson was assured that the city would work with them on the needed upkeep.

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